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From Clicks To Cash: Understanding The Number Of Spotify Streams Needed To Match The Average US Wage



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A groundbreaking study by Pirate, the world’s leading provider of rehearsal and recording facilities for artists, unveiled an extraordinary revelation. Mississippi emerges as the ultimate artistic oasis in the United States, where aspiring musicians can thrive on Spotify.

Delving deep into the difficulties of this vibrant music platform, the analysis compared the average weekly wage in each state with the sum an artist earns from a single stream on Spotify. And the results, my fellow music enthusiasts, are nothing short of remarkable!

Mississippi’s Musical Oasis: The Path To Earning The Average Wage Through Spotify Streams

With its rich cultural heritage, the charming state of Mississippi would require the fewest number of Spotify streams to attain the esteemed status of earning the average wage. According to the latest data from the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, the average weekly salary in Mississippi stands at $933, creating a golden opportunity for aspiring artists.

Here’s where the magic truly unfolds: With industry estimates indicating an average payout of $0.0032 per stream on the platform, an artist must generate a mind-boggling 291,563 streams each week to match this weekly wage. Hold on to your seats, folks—that amounts to a 15,161,250 streams per year to secure the state’s coveted average annual salary of $48,516.

Diplo is the highest streaming Spotify artist in Mississippi, with 8.07 billion lifetime streams. Credit: Jon Kopaloff/Getty Images

Imagine the possibilities! In the beautiful landscapes of Mississippi, nestled within its soulful melodies and diverse artistic community, lies an extraordinary opportunity for artists to carve their path to success. Additionally, with passion, dedication, and a melodic masterpiece, they can transform their dreams into a harmonious reality. Furthermore, while captivating the hearts and ears of countless listeners, they can achieve this by streaming their music on Spotify.

Tuning Into Arkansas’s Musical Odyssey: Chasing The Average Wage Through A Symphony Of Streams

In the vibrant state of Arkansas, where music melodies resonate through the rolling hills and open plains, a talented artist faces a unique challenge. Now, hold onto your headphones because here’s a mind-blowing fact: to match the average weekly wage of $1,036, they need a whopping 323,750 streams per week! Can you believe it?

However, that is not the end of the story. Brace yourself for this astonishing revelation: our determined artist must amass 16,835,000 streams over a year! Yes, turning those streams into a paycheck in the Natural State takes some serious sonic power.


Ne-Yo is the highest streaming Spotify artist in Arkansas, with 4.6 billion lifetime streams. Credit: YouTube Premium

Now, let’s compare the Arkansas music scene to its neighboring state, Mississippi. An artist in Mississippi, with its laid-back charm and soulful melodies, needs more than one million streams less each year to reach the same level of income. That’s quite a gap, wouldn’t you say?

So, music lovers, take a moment to appreciate the commitment and passion Arkansas artists pour into their craft. Not only are they creating incredible tunes, but they are also battling numbers and statistics in their quest to make ends meet. This struggle is especially prominent in a state where Spotify streams determine financial success. To show our support for these hardworking artists, let’s hit that play button and help them chase their dreams, one flowing stream at a time!

West Virginia’s Streaming Success: Surpassing Expectations With 325,625 Weekly Spotify Streams

Moving on to the third spot on our list, let’s delve into the deep state of West Virginia. Surpassing the previous entries, this remarkable state boasts an even higher average weekly salary of $1,042. However, that impressive figure translates to 325,625 streams per week.

Consequently, West Virginia emerges as a stunning gem snuggled in the heart of Appalachia. It is also a challenging powerhouse when reaping the rewards of hard work. Furthermore, with its gorgeous landscape and thriving economy, it’s no wonder that West Virginians are making their mark in the world of streaming and beyond.


Bill Withers is the highest streaming Spotify artist in West Virginia, with 1.71 billion lifetime streams. Credit: AP

Washington’s Streaming Summit

At the other end of the scale, aspiring music stars living in Washington need more than half a million streams each week. Specifically, they require 517,813 streams to match the state’s average weekly income of $1,657, which happens to be the highest in the country. In order to achieve this, they would need a staggering 26,926,250 streams per year.

Macklemore is the highest streaming Spotify artist in Washington, with 8.05 billion lifetime streams. Credit: Jake Magraw

Massachusetts’ Streaming Milestone

With an impressive 515,938 plays required, Massachusetts proudly claims the second spot for the highest number of streams needed to reach its average weekly wage of $1,651.

Nicky Jam is Massachusetts’s highest-streaming Spotify artist, with 10.15 billion lifetime streams. Credit: Daniel Granada

The Streaming Landscape In New York: A Close Third In Earnings Requirements

Not far behind, New York secures a close third with a hefty 502,500 streams required to match its weekly earnings of $1,608. Talk about hustling!

Now, let’s zoom out and look at the bigger picture. Across the United States, the average weekly wage stands at $1,334. Consequently, that’s where the magic number of 416,875 streams per week comes into play. Therefore, to match the average American earnings, you’d need to have those virtual play buttons hit 416,875 times. Undoubtedly, it’s a testament to the immense popularity and influence of streaming platforms in today’s digital era.


Post Malone is the highest-streaming Spotify artist in New York, with 30.75 billion lifetime streams. Credit: Allen J. Schaben

So, whether you’re strumming the strings of your guitar or belting out tunes from your soul, or spinning tracks as a DJ guru, remember that every single stream counts. Keep the rhythm flowing and the beats banging. Let your talent shine as you work towards reaching those streaming milestones. All the while, aim to make your musical dreams a reality.

Navigating The Streaming Landscape: Examining The Study Of Challenges Through Pirate’s Spokesperson

Commenting on the study, a spokesperson for Pirate said: “This study offers a fascinating insight into the scale of success an artist would need just to earn the average wage from Spotify across America. To earn around one thousand dollars a week from Spotify, an artist would need to have more than 15 million streams per year.”

“Obviously artists will rely on multiple streams of income rather than earning from just one platform, but this still shows the heights that performers have to reach to have the chance of earning a living solely from music.”

Pirate, a music technology company with fully automated and self-service 24-hour music studios throughout the UK, US, and Germany, conducted the study.

Written by Nikiya Biggs | Twitter | Instagram | LinkedIn

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