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The Marathon Builds with Store and Documentary



Samiel "Blacc Sam" Asghedom at The Marathon (Cultivation) Documentary
Nipsey Hussle/ Credit: Twitter

Nipsey Hussle created a legacy that is still inspiring. Unfortunately, he has been gone for more than 3 years, but he continues to inspire. A new documentary about the journey Nipsey and his brother Samiel “Blacc Sam” Asghedom took to create a cannabis business has been released. This comes a month before The Marathon (Collective), a THC and CBD store, opens in Los Angeles.

The Marathon (Cultivation) Documentary

Complex reported that the premiere for the documentary took place about a week ago. A small group of friends, family and cannabis consumers gathered to watch it. Most importantly, they all loved what they saw.

Samiel "Blacc Sam" Asghedom at The Marathon (Cultivation) Documentary

Samiel “Blacc Sam” Asghedom at Documentary premiere   Credit: Mark Escalante

Fans will get to see how the store came into existence. The documentary follows Nipsey and his close friends’ sales of cannabis on the streets to the successful creation of a cannabis store. The documentary also covers how Nipsey and the Cure Company teamed up to create Marathon OG.

Eventually, Nipsey gives a tour of the iconic Marathon OG grow room, Snoop Dogg makes an appearance and the audience receives glimpses of the Marathon (Collective) store.

The Marathon (Collective) Store Opening

Blacc Sam will open the store June 18th on Canoga Ave. in Los Angeles. This will be the first The Marathon (Collective) store, and it will act as the flagship for all future stores.

“This is something we always spoke about,” Blacc Sam said at the premiere.

Nipsey Hussle

Nipsey Hussle
Credit: The Marathon (Cultivation) DocumentaryThe Marathon brand will carry on as long as people are willing to carry on the legacy Nipsey Hussle left behind. Certainly, the hood needs us to continue reinvesting into it. Nipsey left the blueprint for us to follow; therefore, we should follow.

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