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Young Dolph Murder Suspect Justin Johnson Releases Music Video While on the Run from Police



Murder suspect Justin Johnson releases new music video while on the run from police

Twenty-three year old Justin Johnson is the primary suspect in the shooting of rapper Young Dolph. Johnson, aka “Straightdroppp” is something of an amateur rapper himself. Johnson has been avoiding the public eye since the murder on November 17th. But a silly little thing like an armed manhunt isn’t going to stop the grind. Rather than turn himself in (as he promised he would) Straightdroppp took this opportunity to instead release a new music video.

What happened?

In the off chance you haven’t been following this case, don’t worry. We’ll bring you up to speed.

On November 17, rapper Young Dolph was shot and killed in Memphis. As it turns out, Dolph had been supporting the GoFundMe of a local bakery and buying cookies for his mother. The attack was a hit-and-run. The murderers drove up, hopped out, and killed Dolph in broad daylight. Police released surveillance footage of the perpetrators, in an attempt to track them down.

Young Dolph and his alleged murderers

The brazen way the killing was performed, combined with Young Dolph’s general positivity, led some to wonder if it had been a deliberate hit. Eventually, the police came forward and identified Justin Johnson as their primary suspect. They considered him armed and dangerous and offered a $15,000 reward for information on his whereabouts. In due time, the internet did its digging and discovered a connection between Johnson and Dolph.

What’s more, it turns out the two may have known each other. At this point, Johnson went public. He swore he was innocent and promised to turn himself in first thing Monday morning to prove it.

Justin Johnson’s “Track Hawk”

If that was the end of the story, we wouldn’t be here. Johnson never arrived at the police station. He remains on the run. Instead of “proving his innocence,” Straightdroppp decided to use this opportunity to release a new music video:

Evidently, he decided to capitalize on his “publicity.” While certainly “bold,” it goes without saying that exploiting the death of a beloved figure like Young Dolph, especially when you are the primary suspect, is distasteful. At the time of writing, Justin Johnson is still at large and on the run, and his Instagram (@Straightdroppp) is unavailable.

By Chris Colasurdo
@cfcolasurdo on Twitter

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