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Hip-Hop Legend Dr. Dre On The Current State Of The Genre



Dr Dre
Dr. Dre performs in the Pepsi Halftime Show during Super Bowl LVI at SoFi Stadium on February 13, 2022 in Inglewood, California. Image source: Cooper Neill/Getty Images.

Dr. Dre recently had an interview with Kevin Hart on the comedian’s show that streams on Peacock. The hitmaker described those who are shining a negative light on hip-hop today sounds like somebody’s grandfather. Dr. Dre went on to emphasize that the genre is always evolving. He stressed that if you don’t like hip-hop now, then don’t listen to it. The iconic producer said he doesn’t like most of the genre’s music out right now, but he isn’t hating on it.

What Is Dr. Dre Listening To Right Now?

The hip-hop icon was asked who in the genre does he listen to, and the question did not catch him off guard. The Compton native said he gets asked that all the time, but he listens to different types of music. Andre Romell Young, also known as Dr. Dre, revealed the genre he listens to stems from 70s soul to The Beatles. Young even shared he might listen to some polka music after his interview with Hart.  It would make sense the musical genius has an eclectic ear for any genre of music. Dr. Dre then added he “gets inspiration from all types of genres of music.” He could not give the actor a favorite artist but instead complimented his answer by calling it a “favorite of the week.”

Dr. Dre Talks About A “Forever Artist”

Dre spoke on fellow rapper Kendrick Lamar. He made sure it was known that the former president of Death Row Records takes no credit for Lamar’s success. However, Dr. Dre admitted he takes credit for opening the door for him and that’s it. Dre praised the “Humble” rapper calling him a real artist and revealing they have a “fantastic” relationship. Young added the 36-year-old is what people call a “forever artist,” which is someone who can disappear for years and make an enormous comeback. The 58-year-old clarified a “forever artist” is also someone who does not have to drop music all the time to stay relevant. Dr. Dre also considers Snoop Dogg and Eminem “forever artists.”


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