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Lil Wayne Joins The Pivot Podcast: The Hip-Hop Icon Shares Untold Stories



Lil Wayne Joins The Pivot Podcast
Lil Wayne. Image source: Frazer Harrison, Getty Images for EA Sports Bowl at Bud Light Super Bowl Music Fest.

Iconic rapper Lil Wayne joined The Pivot Podcast to talk about his Louisiana roots, time in prison, and respect over money. Wayne also shared some untold stories about his childhood and the inspiration he pulled over time. The 40-year-old discussed many different things, but something stood out about his craft.

JAY-Z Inspired Lil Wayne’s Process Of Writing

Dwayne Michael Carter Jr., known professionally as Lil Wayne, disclosed he chose to stop writing down his lyrics after he learned that JAY-Z had done the same. He loved rappers like Biggie and Jadakiss, but JAY was always his inspiration. Once he heard that the New York mogul no longer wrote down his rhymes, Wayne said that was it for him. He did not write anything down again. He also went through the process of creating music when he was younger: having the title ready, the topic, what happened in the streets that week and creating a masterpiece.

Lil Wayne On Doing Time In Prison

The “Uproar” rapper talked about his time in prison as well. He mentioned how he saw people get broken down in prison and would not wish that on no one. Wayne did not shy away from growing up in New Orleans, where that wasn’t a foreign thing to do sometimes.

It’s Not About The Money

Carter also shared that when he got his first real check, he handed it to his mother, and she handed it right back to him. She let him know that he made and earned that money, so it was his. He gave thanks to his mother for not only making him the man he is today but the father he is today. Tunechi revealed that he grew up never seeing that many zeros before. But through it all, he pressed it’s the love and respect that matters more than the money.

How Carter Started His Career

The “Lollipop” rapper signed at the age of 14. He shares that his goals started to grow; he went from wanting to be the best in New Orleans to being the best rapper out. The man who discovered Drake and Nicki Minaj even mentioned the moment he crossed into cursing in his music and how big of a leap it was. Lil Wayne discussed going to Miami before Hurricane Katrina and feeling the need to carry New Orleans on his back. He fell in love with the city in Florida, his mother sent his clothes, and he spent the next 20 years in Miami. The New Orleans native also talked about making his way into the industry with Slim & Baby. They popped in with “long shirts and reeboks” into cities like Los Angeles and New York, bringing a new style to hip-hop.

The Late “Uncle Bob”

Joining The Pivot Podcast, Lil Wayne also shared a near-death-experience story. He is grateful for his late “Uncle Bob,” aka Robert Hoobler, that saved the rapper’s life following his suicide attempt at age 12. He told the heroic and heartbreaking story about how the former cop refused to let the legend die.

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