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Nicki Minaj Discusses Motherhood, “Super Freaky Girl,” And More In New Interview With Jada Pinkett Smith!



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Recently, Nicki Minaj was interviewed by Jada Pinkett Smith on Interview Magazine where they discussed motherhood, “Super Freaky Girl”, and more.

Nicki discusses what it’s like to be a mother to Papa Bear.

Nicki Minaj and Kenneth Petty gave birth to their son in September of 2020. Referring to her journey through motherhood, the queen of rap talks about her “biggest freaking blessing.” She say’s, “I’m so happy that god allowed me to experience this.” The “Do We Have A Problem” artist continued to add that she’s always loved children and been great with them. However, in the past few years, she’s been thinking it’s going to be a huge shift for her. She was used to going wherever she wants whenever she wanted, and felt that having a baby was going to change everything. The artist describes her love as so deep that she doesn’t think its normal. She also revealed the difficulties she faced getting back to work after the birth as she’s experienced severe separation anxiety.

Nicki dives into “Super Freaky Girl” single and why she turned down a collab with Gunna.

The rapper revealed how her hit track “Super Freaky Girl” opened the opportunity to “tap back into” who she is. The star stated the song reminds her of her of the “funny, goofy and stupid” side of her earlier work. She also goes on to explain that many artists don’t “really understand” who she is. She mentioned declining a Gunna collab as she felt the song wouldn’t work for her.

“I don’t think the new female rappers really understand who I am.” Describing how many of the ladies that came before her were of sexual nature, she states how she was inspired but is not exactly like that. She say’s, “I’m more the goofy girl.” She even stated some of the new male rappers don’t understand her either” The Mama Bear said, “I turned down a Gunna song because it was just moaning and groaning on the track, but Drake ended up doing it and it worked great for them. And free Gunna by the way, I have to make sure I say that!”


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