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FM Spotlight: Noochie Drops A New Single “Too Grown” In Collaboration With Alex Vaughn



"Too Grown" by Noochie ft. Alex Vaughn. Image source: Apple Music

Noochie is about to bring the summer sizzle to a close with his fresh new single “Too Grown” – and it’s not just for lovebirds. It’s for anyone craving some smooth tunes to soak up those fading sun rays!


Cover art for single “Too Grown” by Noochie ft. Alex Vaughn. Credit: Apple Music

The “Hennything” rapper teams up with the DMV’s own Alex Vaughn, creating a musical duo that’s hotter than a sandcastle in July. They delivered the slow jam we never knew we needed, right at the perfect time – when those sunsets whisper secrets and the stars twinkle in approval.


Noochie and Alex Vaughn. Credit: Instagram / @noochiemusic

The song kicks off with a melodic beat that’s like a cozy blanket for your ears. And guess who’s grabbing the mic first? Alex, belting out lyrics that are a reality check for her man – you better hold onto this one! In addition, Noochie drops verses that are like love letters to the max. Ever heard someone rap about admiration so sweet it could give you a toothache? Well, Noochie’s got it covered!

The cover art for the single is a mood! Legendary Jamel Shabazz took that love vibe and turned it into something truly special. He bottled up romance and poured it all over that artwork. Grammy-nominated producer Chris Wright is the brains behind that ear-candy beat. The miracle his fingers worked up is breathtaking! Chris must have taken Cupid’s arrows and turned them into musical notes!

But, what’s the story behind the scenes? It’s a love tale fit for the ages. And Noochie and Alex are the main characters.

All streaming platforms below are now offering “Too Grown.”

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Introducing Antwon Vincent: Unmasking The Noochie Genius

Meet Antwon Vincent, the genius behind the stage name Noochie. This isn’t just any 28-year-old – we’re talking about a rapper and musician hailing from the heart of the action, Washington, D.C.

Noochie. Credit: Instagram / @noochiemusic

But Noochie didn’t just pop up on the scene like a surprise birthday cake. He wowed everyone with an outstanding performance right on his own front porch! And who joined him in this musical showdown? The legendary gogo band, The Backyard Band! That’s like bringing the party to your doorstep.


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A post shared by Nooch (@noochiemusic)

And then there’s the grand title! Noochie has officially earned the crown as the Face of Washington D.C.’s urban music and culture. He’s a prince, the real deal, and a gold-crowned king!

Now, what would you do if The Backyard Band suddenly turned your porch into the ultimate concert stage? And who else can say they’ve become the official face of their city’s music and culture? Noochie didn’t just knock on the door of fame; he opened it and claimed his throne!

From 2012 Debut To Global Swagger

Zoom back to 2012, and boom, our D.C. rapper hits the scene with his debut project, sending ripples across the globe! Fast-forward to now and he’s got fans worldwide hooked on his beats and rhymes.

The Front Porch Freestyles is a series tailor-made for hip-hop heads, where our rapper drops rhymes that hit harder than a grandma’s secret cookie recipe. And where do you find this lyrical feast? On his social media – it’s like getting a front-row seat to the coolest rhyme party ever.


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A post shared by Nooch (@noochiemusic)

However, you wouldn’t believe who’s vibing to his beats. Common, Wale, Lil Uzi Vert – a casual squad of superstar co-signers. They’re like hip-hop Avengers assembling for a jam session!

And you know you’re onto something when the Grammy Board extends a special invite. In addition, Noochie got the nod to rock the stage at the Grammy Board’s summer block party. He’s so stoked, he’s already practicing his Grammy acceptance speech in the mirror!

“Bleachers” And More Tracks Streamed By Noochie

Projects like “Product of the DMV” and “Sneaky Tape” – have already racked up 100,000 streams and counting!

Noochie’s album “Product of the DMV.” Credit: Apple Music

Listen to “Product of the DMV” here.

The music universe hit the repeat button on these hits!

Noochie’s album “Sneaky Tape.” Credit:

Listen to “Sneaky Tape” here

The freshest track that’s making streams go wild – “Bleachers” has received over 140,000 streams and is still climbing. Is there a dance party happening in everyone’s living room right now, or is it just me?

Follow the rapper @noochiemusic on Instagram and YouTube for updates and more!

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