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Top 10 Most Active US State Representatives On Twitter



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Image source: Wikipedia, The Texas Tribune.

In the modern political landscape, social media has become an indispensable tool for elected officials to connect directly with their constituents and share their views and policies. Among the many platforms available, Twitter has gained particular popularity as a means for politicians to engage with their followers and offers a glimpse into their daily lives. But did you know that researchers at have delved into the tweeting habits of US state representatives to determine who the most prolific Twitter user among them is? By analyzing the estimated number of tweets per day posted by each representative since they joined the platform, they have uncovered some fascinating insights.

Furthermore, the study highlights the growing importance of social media in shaping public discourse and political narratives. With Twitter and other platforms allowing politicians to communicate with exceptional speed and reach, it’s clear that social media will continue to play a pivotal role in shaping our democracy.

1. Pramila Jayapal

Get your social media feeds ready for some serious activity because we’re about to introduce you to the top undisputed social media queen of the US House of Representatives. Pramila Jayapal, the fierce and formidable representative from Washington’s 7th district, dominates the Twitter game like no other.

US State Representative Pramila Jayapal. Credit: STAT News

Her tweet count is beyond impressive, boasting a staggering 30,400 tweets since joining Twitter in January 2017. Yes, you read that right – 30,400 tweets! That’s more tweets than some people send in a lifetime! With an average of 13.26 tweets per day, Jaypal is not just a regular user but a social media powerhouse.

us state

Pramila Jayapal’s Twitter page. Credit: Twitter/@RepJayapal

Her online presence is a testament to her unwavering dedication to communicating with her followers and promoting her agenda in the digital world.

Visit her Twitter page here.

2. Donald Beyer

Take note, folks, because there’s another Twitter heavyweight on the scene! Donald Beyer, hailing from Virginia’s 8th district, has been racking up an impressive number of tweets since January 2015. With a grand total of 37,900 posts to his name, he’s certainly not afraid to make his voice heard in the digital realm.

us state

Rep. Donald Beyer. Credit: Jay Westcott

In fact, Donald’s average tweet count is a staggering 12.50 per day. He’s rapidly sharing his thoughts, opinions, and insights with his followers. Whether he’s weighing in on the latest political news or sharing glimpses of his personal life, Donald’s Twitter feed is always buzzing with activity.

us state

Rep. Donald Beyer’s Twitter page. Credit: Twitter/@RepDonBeyer

Visit his Twitter page here.

3. Andy Biggs

Next on the list is Andy Biggs from Arizona’s 5th district.

Rep. Andy Biggs. Credit: The Wilkow Majority

Andy secured the third spot with an impressive 23,000 tweets, averaging roughly 10.02 tweets per day since January 2017. That’s a whole lot of content to keep up with!

us state

Andy Biggs’ Twitter Page. Credit: Twitter/@RepAndyBiggsAZ

Transitioning from one influential tweeter to the next, it’s clear that these representatives have truly mastered the art of social media. Whether you agree with their politics or not, there’s no denying their digital presence is enormous!

Visit his page here.

4 & 5. Adriano Espaillat and Don Bacon

Adriano Espaillat from New York’s 13th district and Don Bacon from Nebraska’s 2nd district have secured their places on the leaderboard with 19,300 and 17,900 tweets, respectively. Both representatives hopped on the Twitter bandwagon in January 2017 and have been tweeting up a storm ever since.

US State Representative Adriano Espaillat. Credit: AP

Espaillat tweets around 8.27 times per day and has an impressive track record of engaging with his constituents through social media.

Adriano Espaillat’s Twitter page. Credit: Twitter/@RepEspaillat

Meanwhile, Bacon, who is hot on Espaillat’s heels with an average of 7.78 tweets per day, has also been an active Twitter user since his first tweet.

us state

Rep. Don Bacon. Credit: Republican Accountability Project

Don Bacon’s Twitter page. Credit: Twitter/@RepDonBacon

Visit his Twitter page here.

6. Dwight Evans

Not to be outdone, Dwight Evans from Pennsylvania’s 3rd district has been a Twitter veteran since November 2009 and has tweeted a whopping 36,500 times.

Rep. Dwight Evans. Credit: Wikipedia

Evans, who tweets an average of 7.38 times per day, has been a social media trailblazer, using the platform to connect with his constituents, share his opinions, and promote his legislative agenda. Evans has solidified his position as a true social media maven with his extensive Twitter presence and active engagement.

us state

US State Representative Dwight Evans. Credit: Twitter/@RepDwightEvans

In contrast to Espaillat and Bacon, who joined Twitter in 2017, Evans has led the way on the platform for over a decade.

Visit his Twitter page here.

7. Tim Burchett

Taking the seventh spot is US state representative Tim Burchett from Tennessee’s 2nd district, who has taken the social media platform under his wing.

us state

Tim Burchett. Credit: Wikipedia

He’s tweeted an impressive 27,000 times since August 2011, averaging about 6.33 tweets per day. While Burchett’s numbers are slightly lower than Evans’s, he still lands higher than some other representatives on this list.

Rep. Tim Burchett’s Twitter page. Credit: Twitter/@timburchett

Visit his Twitter page here.

8. Chuy Garcia

Now, let’s look at the eighth spot and find out who’s grabbing it. It’s none other than Chuy Garcia from Illinois’ 4th district!

US State Representative Chuy Garcia. Credit: Ashlee Rezin/Sun-Times

Since joining Twitter in January 2019, Garcia has tweeted 9,553 times, averaging 6.11 tweets per day. That’s some serious dedication to keeping his followers informed.

Chuy Garcia’s Twitter page. Credit: Twitter/@RepChuyGarcia

Visit his Twitter page here.

9. Jasmine Crockett

On the other hand, US state representative Jasmine Crockett from Texas’ 30th district joined Twitter in January 2023 and already has an impressive 4,910 tweets and an average of 5.99 tweets per day. us state

Jasmine Crockett. Credit:

Twitter is the place to be for these representatives; they’re bringing their A-game! From representative Burchett’s steady 6.33 tweets per day to Garcia’s impressive 9,514 tweets since 2019 and Crockett’s strong start of 5.99 tweets per day, they’re all keeping their followers informed through their unique style and frequency of tweets.

Rep. Jasmine Crockett’s Twitter page. Credit: Twitter/@JasmineForUS

Visit her Twitter page here.

10. Mary Scanlon

Finally, let’s talk about Mary Scanlon from Pennsylvania’s 5th district! This social media-savvy US state representative has been making waves on Twitter since joining in November 2018. With a whopping 9,635 tweets under her belt, she’s proven to be a force to be reckoned with.

US State Representative Mary Gay Scanlon. Credit: BALLARD SPAHR

While some politicians might spam their followers’ feeds with countless posts, Mary takes a more measured approach. She tweets an average of 5.93 times per day, which may seem modest compared to some of her colleagues. However, it’s still enough to land her a spot in the top 10 US representatives who tweet the most.

Mary Gay Scanlon’s Twitter page. Credit: Twitter/@RepMGS

It’s worth noting that Mary’s tweets are far from superficial. She’s not afraid to use her platform to share her thoughts on important issues and connect with her constituents. Whether discussing education reform or advocating for affordable housing, Mary’s tweets are always thoughtful and engaging.

All in all, Mary Scanlon has a strong presence on Twitter. She may have a lower average tweet count than some of her peers, but her content is always worth a read. We can’t wait to see what she tweets next!

Visit her Twitter page here.

The Impact Of Twitter On Political Communication Among US State Representatives: Defense Attorney Mike Schmidt’s Insight

Mike Schmidt is a prominent defense attorney who recognizes the growing importance of social media, particularly Twitter, in the realm of politics.

According to Schmidt, “Social media, particularly Twitter, has become a crucial tool for politicians to connect with their followers and share their views. While some representatives tweet more frequently than others, Twitter has proven as an effective way of communication in the world of politics, which is proven by the large number of tweets posed by all US state representatives listed”.

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