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YouTuber Tasha K Apologizes To Rapper Cardi B After Losing Millions in Appeal



Tasha K Cardi B Apologies Appear After Court Loss
New York rapper Cardi B. Image source: Getty, Axelle, Bauer-Griffin.

YouTuber Tasha K has finally apologized to New York rapper Cardi B.

The controversial YouTuber has suffered another loss in her legal battle with Belcalis Marlenis Almánzar, also known as Cardi B.

Broke The News, Apologized, And Conceded On Instagram

Tasha took to Instagram on March 21 to break the news to her followers.

Tasha K told her fans she had finally conceded after losing an appeal of around $4 million that was granted to Cardi B.

Her post reads, “Damn Winos! We lost the appeal… against #CardiB sad day.. but I’m gonna be alright.” She continued to thank her fans for their support. Plus, vowing that what happened with Cardi will never happen again.

“To Cardi & her team, I apologize sincere. We live, & learn… see ya’ll on Wednesday on YouTube &,” LaTasha Kebe concluded in her post.


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A post shared by Tasha K🥂 (@unwinewithtashak)

Federal Court Ruled Against Tasha K

A federal court ruled against YouTuber LaTasha Kebe and her appeal against the guilty verdict in a defamation lawsuit she lost against the superstar.

The YouTuber sought a new trial for months but still took an L, while Cardi took home the W.

The jury unanimously voted the blogger was liable for defamation, invasion of privacy, and intentional infliction of emotional distress in January 2022.

A judge forced Tasha to delete all untrue posts about the “WAP” rapper.

It was a five-page decision after years of back-and-forth between the pair.

What Happened? What Did Tasha K Say?

This all takes place after Tasha K spread false information about Belcalis. Cardi was not playing with her, as this info could tarnish the rapper’s reputation.

Kebe reportedly claimed that the “Press” rapper had an STD, worked as a prostitute, and used drugs.

YouTuber’s Legal Argument

The gossip news personality argued that the verdict had been reached without enough evidence.

The court allegedly said she did not adequately present the argument, and her legal team did not properly argue specific evidence be withheld while the trial took place.

How Is She Paying Cardi Millions?

Tasha K joked on Instagram about needing to take up a second job to pay off debt. The vlogger photoshopped herself in a McDonald’s uniform with a quirky caption.


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A post shared by Tasha K🥂 (@unwinewithtashak)

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