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Jack Harlow’s Third Album ‘Jackman’: Album Review



"Jackman" By Jack Harlow: Album Review
"Jackman" album cover. Image source: Jack Harlow, Instagram.

Kentucky rapper Jack Harlow has surprised us this week. He has announced a new album was coming very soon called “Jackman.” Harlow’s Instagram post presents him topless on the album cover, in front of a garage, with the signature curly hair slightly covering Jack’s eyes.

Jack Harlow Is Trying Something New With “Jackman”

The album has been out since Apr. 28, 2023. The record is only 24 minutes long and consists of ten songs, which differs from Jack Harlow’s freshman and sophomore records.

“That’s What They All Say” album cover. Image source: Atlantic Records.

Harlow’s first album, “That’s What They All Say,” has fifteen songs, while his second album, “Come Home The Kids Miss You,” has 15 songs and two music videos.

“Come Home The Kids Miss You” sophomore album cover. Image source: Urban Wyatt

Harlow definitely took a different approach with this new musical piece of work, which is sadly also a little underwhelming.

Songs Not As Memorable As Harlow’s Last Two Albums

Songs are not as memorable as the ones from Harlow’s other two albums.

“Jackman” also has no features, which is a bold choice for an album packing short songs with less than two minutes duration.

This time, Jack Harlow is either trying to prove a point with his lyrics, or these are just old demos that didn’t make it on any of the artist’s old LPs or EPs.

What Songs Stand Out On Jack Harlow’s Third Album?

The tracks that stand out are “Common Ground,” “They Don’t Love It,” and “Gang Gang Gang.”

“Common Ground” is Jack Harlow keeping it real; the artist literally starts the song with, “It’s not opinion based, it’s just, just sh** I see.” The lyrics seem to point at folks who have “white privilege” and don’t understand that those less fortunate around them have to do what they need to survive.

“They Don’t Love It” has one of the boldest lines on the album, in which Jack Harlow refers to himself as the “hardest” white boy since Eminem. “The hardest white boy since the one who rapped about vomit and sweaters,” the Louisville rapper’s lyric goes. “There’s vomit on his sweater already,” the lyrics say in one of the most iconic songs by the hip-hop veteran, “Lose Yourself.”

“Gang Gang Gang” was disturbingly real. Jack Harlow talks about these guys he knew that ended up doing some very messed up things. Things which result in holding “accountable the ones we hold dear.” The song also interpolates “Stay Schemin'” by Rick Ross in the somewhat chorus.

The ladies will probably love “No Enhancers” because the lyrics reflect Jack Harlow talking about his girl’s natural beauty. It’s a nice vibe on a lyrics-heavy album.

Give the album a couple more tries; maybe more songs will stick. Maybe even several tries since the songs are so short. For example, “Is that Ight?” is already latching to me.


“Jackman” gets a B-. The record is only a little bit above average, yet it still has some songs that can sneak into your music library.

I appreciate the honesty on this album that was lacking in the last two. Everything feels raw here, as if Jack Harlow is speaking straight from the heart.

“White Men Can’t Jump” Reboot With Sinqua Walls

Harlow’s new album comes out with the artist also starring in a reboot of “White Men Can’t Jump” with Sinqua Walls. The motion picture will stream on Hulu on May 19, 2023.

“White Men Can’t Jump” (reboot) poster for Hulu

The film will also feature stars like Teyana Taylor, Laura Harrier, Tamara “Tee” Kissen, Myles Bullock, rapper Vince Staples, and the late Lance Reddick.

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