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The Future of Migos as Quavo and Offset Reunite for Takeoff Tribute



Quavo And Offset Reunite At BET
Quavo and Offset performing at the 2023 BET Awards. Image source: MICHAEL TRAN, AFP VIA GETTY IMAGES.

Quavo and Offset have settled their beef and made it a statement at The BET Awards. The pair honored their late group member, Takeoff, at the award show. Hip-hop was proud and ecstatic to be in that room on June 25th. However, that does not mean new music is coming soon.

The Iconic Performance: Quavo & Offset’s Reunion

Fans were going crazy on Twitter about the iconic performance. Tweets reminisced about the late rapper and how missed he will be. The performance started off with Unc & Phew’s “Hotel Lobby,” with a spotlight shining in the middle of Offset and Quavo for Takeoff as a big image of the third member of Migos was on the screen. The “Soul Plane” rapper’s vocals played throughout the surprise set.

The pair rapped Takeoff’s verse and danced around the spotlight, representing the third Migos. The track “Bad & Boujee” followed after 2/3 of Migos pointed to the screen, which showed a rocket representing Takeoff. Takeoff’s only solo album was called “The Last Rocket,” and Quavo’s next album will be called “Rocket Power.” It was the first time the surviving members of Migos performed since Kirsnick Khari Ball’s passing.

Grammy’s Incident Between Quavo & Offset

According to TMZ, Offset and Quavo have been cordial for months now. These two have come a very far way compared to the Grammys fiasco earlier this year. The pair had to give a tribute at the 65th Grammy Awards that reportedly resulted in a backstage fight. Quavo, Takeoff’s uncle, allegedly instigated the fight during the In Memoriam part of the show.

The Future

The BET show was to honor Takeoff, not set as a marketing ploy for new music from the duo. There are also questions surrounding how they would move further musically. Takeoff was not only an important part of the Migos, but he was also family. So, what does the future hold for a potential new group name if Offset and Quavo carry on together musically… we don’t know?

Quavo And Offset Reunite At BET

Migos: Quavo (left), Offset (middle), and the late Takeoff (right). Image source: Matt Salacuse.

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